Saponin Removal

The unprocessed quinoa grain is covered with a substance called saponin which has a bitter taste, to be consumed it is necessary to remove it, this process is called saponin removal.

The process of saponin removal begins with a pre-cleaning using a rotary strainer, it passes to a grain skin remover, next the product is polished and steam washed, then passes through a dryer and finally cooled to room temperature.


Cleaning and selection process

Quinoa removed from saponin isn't yet in conditions of purity required by our customers and the quality area, so it requires a cleaning, classification and selection process.

This process consists first of going through a line of machines such as the strainer, destoning, color selection, then it goes through a second strainer, ventilation, second destoning, gravimetric table, and a metal detector.

When passing through each of these machines, are eliminated the elements that contaminate the purity of quinoa such as quinoa straws, other types of seeds, dust, pebbles, quartz, contrasting grains, smaller grains, broken grains and finally impurities with ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste.

The product after this process is of a uniform and clean size.

Besides, you can also do an independent COLOR SELECTION service, which includes pre-cleaning with a strainer and a destoning.


Packing process

We have a packaging and bagging line where the product is distributed in bags of 250 gr. to 2.5 kg for distribution to supermarkets.

Create your own brand

We can pack your brand in any product of our catalog.